Wow Activewear Logo

We run on two parallel tracks: that of technology and that of lifestyle.
Our Technology means innovation, which translates into clothing and equipment with components that are always useful.

In everyday life as well as in sport.

Because they monitor, they keep safe, they measure.
They even help to move in the world. Because we redesign the concept of printed circuit board.

So why do we talk about lifestyle too?
Because our products are beautiful, stylish, suitable for all those who follow fashion. Innovation and technology can also have a soul like that. It is this combination that will make you exclaim:


We call it “The wow effect”: the art of creating positive amazement.

Offering you a service that goes beyond expectations and creates wonder, leaves you pleasantly surprised.
With this expression we identify something that literally leaves us speechless with amazement.

Discover our values. And why we are different.


Several years dedicated to research and development by our team of scientists have led us to design clothing, equipment and accessories, real machines learning, that are totally made in Italy, equipped with intelligent technology that reduces wiring to a minimum and has led our company to be accredited in the special Technology and Innovation Industry 4.0., registering a specific Patent for our system and gaining a lot of certifications. .


Not just technology.
Our garments are designed in full coherence with the made-in-Italy style when it translates into modernity.
Whether in sport or everyday life, in the city or on holiday, your fashionista spirit can combine perfectly with elements usually reserved for those who are addicted to very new technologies!


Everything under control. Your smartphone is enough to manage all our products, both clothes and accessories. Thanks to the link with our APP you can discover your performances or the ones of your team, in sport or in other types of jobs, monitoring through the WOW clothes you are wearing or the WOW devices you or they are using.

healthcare & safeness

Not only physical performance but also health monitoring. Our products are equipped with technology that controls mobility and biophysics conditions.
First and foremost, as a form of personal and collective prevention. Positive spin-offs for businesses and the health system thanks to the promptness with which our devices signal the need for prompt intervention, in the event of accidents or just individual health alarm bells.